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Company Policy


SANLEV SA is active in extrusion and powder painting of aluminium profiles and systems. The President & Director of the company, which expresses the will of the management,  has precisely defined the policy followed for the quality, environment, health and safety, of all those who work in the company.
The core values that we embrace as a company and that determine the policy for the whole spectrum of our activities and have been communicated to all the stakeholders of the company are the following:
  1. Integrity
  2. Interesting
  3. Creativity
  4. Speed in Action
  5. Quality
  6. Risk
  7. Learning for Evolution
  8. Health, well-being and safety
The basic principle of the company is the continuous improvement of the way we operate, communicate and use our resources, to offer superior quality services and products:
  1. cheaper
  2. faster
  3. easier
  4. safer and
  5. environmentally sound
To achieve the satisfaction of our customers, operating safely, responsibly and with full respect for our employees, our partners and society and with absolute respect for the environment. This fundamental principle, philosophy and culture of the company was the trigger and the commitment of the Company Management for the implementation of an Integrated Quality Management System, Production Control, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety according to ISO 9001 standards. : 2015, EN 15088: 2005 and ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 respectively, following national, European and international legal and regulatory requirements, as well as all other compliance requirements governing its operation, with full respect for man, society and the environment.
Within the Integrated Management System, the management of the company is committed to the following:
  1. continuous monitoring and focusing on the needs and expectations of its customers, and all stakeholders and the full coverage of the respective agreements, requirements, needs and expectations
  2. providing high-quality products, services and technical support
  3. icontinuous technological and quality improvement of its products
  4. comprehensive customer service in terms of delivery time, competitive price and special design requirements and quality features.
  5. maintaining a high level of communication with its customers, suppliers and partners and creating a good climate of cooperation with existing and potential customers
  6. compliance and application of applicable laws, regulations and other compliance requirements and prescribed specifications governing its overall operation
  7. addressing the threats that could have a negative impact and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise and contribute to improving the quality of products and services, to the final satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders, to improve the efficiency of the Management System, to the proper environmental performance of the company and in the protection of the health & safety of its employees
  8. make the best use of the capabilities of human resources, know-how, infrastructure and equipment
  9. continuous improvement, pollution prevention, environmental protection, sustainable resource use, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and compliance with requirements other than legal, providing all necessary resources
  10. consolidation of the concept of ecological sensitivity and environmental vision, which inspires the highest level of the hierarchy, throughout the pyramid of employees in the company.
  11. The continuous efforts to operate safely, responsibly and with full respect for its employees and society, which aims to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases as well as to eliminate or minimize the risks from its activity.
To achieve the above commitments, the management of the company SANLEV SA has ensured:
  1. The provision of all the necessary resources, tools and information for the production of high-quality products in an operating environment with full respect for the environment, and occupational health and safety, including trained, experienced and continuously trained human resources,
  2. to take all necessary measures, using modern, state-of-the-art methods, tools, and state-of-the-art production equipment to fully comply with compliance obligations, improve its overall environmental behaviour, and improve the working environment.
  3. the integration of the principles of its operation, the observance of legality and social responsibility
  4. the application of a methodology for systematic identification of threats and opportunities and the determination of risk intensity
  5. the establishment of measurable objectives for the quality, environment, health and safety of workers and the effectiveness of the applied Management System, the achievement of which is reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals, through appropriate measurement indicators to continuously improve the Integrated Management System, of its operation and efficiency
  6. the adoption and implementation of specific programs to achieve the above objectives and ensures the provision of the necessary resources for their performance and achievement of the objectives
  7. the adoption and application of specific environmental control rules in its productive operation
  8. the provision of all the measures and means of protection of employees at work
  9. the continuous improvement of its operational operation, its environmental performance, occupational health and safety but also of the Integrated Quality Management System, Production Control and Environment that is implemented through the preparation and implementation of Action Plans
  10. the lifelong training, information and awareness of its staff on quality, environment, health and safety at work.
  11. the encouragement of the active participation and consultation of staff in matters of improving the quality of services provided, sound environmental management and the protection of health and safety at work
  12. the monitoring and evaluation of the Management System to achieve the company's goals and its continuous improvement
The management of the company has appointed as a representative for the continuous implementation and improvement of the Integrated Quality Management System, Production Control, Environment, Health & Safety the Systems Manager. 
He ensures that the policy, the documented Instructions and the Instructed Instructions are, available and fully understood by all the human resources of the company, and are applied and observed by all employees. The employees have been appropriately trained for its implementation, at all levels of the organizational structure and all stages of the production process.  
The management of the company urges all employees, not only to systematically implement the Integrated Management System but to consult and actively participate in its continuous improvement effort, based on the principle that every employee who is close to any problem is essentially responsible for suggesting improvement.
The policy is available to the public and has been communicated to all staff, customers and associates, from whom it requires its faithful implementation and has been posted in all factory production areas, offices, and reception areas, to remind them the company objectives, in terms of quality, environment, health and safety at work. The executives and staff of the company are familiar with the requirements of the policy and their active participation in the efforts made for continuous improvement, makes the company proud.
The President & Director 
Aspropyrgos, Attiki