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Quality Controls

To continuously improve efficiency, which in order processing means control of production and storage of ready product in order to minimize the delivery time to the customer, our company was among the first companies to successfully implement electronic production management, MRP II (Material Requirement Planning) and Total quality control system, for all processes.

We value customer relations - it is important that our customers can communicate with us freely at any time. We offer immediate access and fast service for any questions or queries you might have. Information and answers provided are clear and responsible in order to effectively meet your every need.

Quality Production Controls include:
  •  Well-trained technicians at multiple points 
  •  Analytical Ascona reports 
  •  Optical emission colour spectrometer for controlling alloy chemical composition
  •  Hardness and UTS machine for mechanical testing of profiles
  •  儻ectrical conductivity meter for testing of electrical conductivity of profiles 
  •  Metallurgical microscope for determining microstructure of grains and inclusion in casting as well as profiles