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Environmental Sustainability


We strongly believe that we are part of the social movement that strives dynamically to protect the planet and save the environment. 


Our main environmental ambition is to build sustainability into everything we do and inherit a cleaner and healthier future for our children!

We're raising the bar in making wise use of Earth's resources, expecting the highest ethical standards throughout our supply chain, and operating our business with people and the planet in mind. 

We're also constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint by proactively managing our impact on biodiversity and promoting efficient and responsible use of resources and waste management along the value chain. We want to help others do the same. 


• We implement a certified Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) in

invest in infrastructure and programs to improve our environmental performance.

To accomplish this:

our production site.

• We identify and evaluate the actual or potential aspects and impacts to the

environment, whether adverse or beneficial, from our company's activities, products, services, and facilities. During the evaluation process of environmental aspects, significant environmental impacts are determined, and we are planning actions to mitigate or eliminate them.

• We set specific and measurable environmental targets in all of our activities to mitigate environmental impacts and achieve the desired level of environmental performance.

• We implement environmental protection programs and action plans to manage and ensure progress toward our environmental objectives and targets, and we

continually invest in environmental protection infrastructure.

• We expand our sustainable strategy in our relationship with our suppliers, and we promote Green Procurement. We prioritize suppliers who comply with our Procurement Policy and are proactive in caring for and conserving the



  • We are continuously seeking more sustainable materials – ethically sourced, produced with low emissions, recyclable and longer-lasting. We increase the usage of recycled aluminium, and we prohibit or reduce hazardous chemical substances in materials. The company's raw materials should adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and customer requirements regarding the prohibition or restriction of specific substances, including labeling for recycling and disposal.

• Our products and production's processes design focus on the best use of

 energy, raw materials, use of natural resources and waste minimization, and we are continuously investing in infrastructure, new production methods and processes to enhance our performance and to prevent waste generation

• We aim at the efficient use of energy consumed in our facilities for production needs. We continuously monitor our consumption, and we apply practices and actions to save energy. We invest in equipment, redesign our procedures and adjust our production planning to optimize energy consumption

• We promote responsible water management in our operations to reduce water consumption and take all measures necessary for its efficient use.

• We operate a Physico-chemical wastewater treatment plant at the pre-coating. We continuously monitor the quality parameters of treated wastewater to be released to avoid harming the environment.

• For the rest of our wastes, we have established a waste management approach based on the mitigation hierarchy: focus on finding ways to prevent waste generation, measures for waste reduction and final waste disposal. We dispose responsibly to external licensed recycling facilities of all of our hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We also collect for recycling our customers' aluminium wastes

• We aim to the continuous reduction of gas emissions. To achieve this, we implement a thorough maintenance plan for our equipment; we use bag filters

 to minimize the emissions released in the atmosphere. We regularly measure and monitor the emissions released into the atmosphere. Finally, we are planning to replace LPG with Natural Gas for thermal energy considering its better environmental performance and low CO2 emissions



For us in Sanlev, protecting the environment and maintaining a harmonious ecosystem is of the utmost importance. We owe it to future generations. We are proud of our environmental performance, which came from the strong commitment of our Top Management and the contribution of our employees. We have a long way to go; however, we believe that only sustainable and ethical operation can lead us to growth and profitability in the future.