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Care and maintenance of powder coated profiles

Your profiles have been powder coated at SANLEV SA using the strictest specifications as prescribed by the European mark QUALICOAT SEA CLASS.
As profiles are subjected to further processing after powder coating, here are some useful tips to avoid problems that might affect the coating.
Useful guidelines during fabrication:
  • At the cutting points profiles should be protected with suitable anti-corrosion materials to prevent corrosion.
  • At corner cutting points always place sealant during assembly to avoid corrosion
  • Use stainless steel screws
  • Particular attention should be paid to the points of contact of aluminum with other metals, because these points may be subject to electrolysis (particularly at the peripheral mechanism)
  • Avoid pasting adhesive tapes directly onto the profiles
  • Exposing the protective films to sunlight may cause problems. Immediately after the frame is installed the protective film must be removed.
  • To ensure the aesthetic and protective properties of your finished profiles are kept in the best condition possible, we recommend they should be cleaned regularly.
The frequency of cleaning depends on many factors such as:
  • Geographical features of the area
  • Environment (intense corrosion such as in seaside or industrial areas etc)
  • Protection from other buildings and/or surrounding flora
Cleaning should be more frequent in areas with aggravated levelss of pollution or salt. A cleaning schedule can range from once a year in favorable conditions to monthly in areas with high corrosion conditions.
The best way to care for the finished surface is to clean using
 a soft cloth or sponge moistened with water containing a mild detergent. Rinse after cleaning to remove any residue.
Never use a rough sponge or anything containing wire, solvents, acidic or alkaline detergents, or detergents containing ketones, ether or alcohol.
Also, the use of waxes, vaseline, lanoline and similar materials is prohibited.
Building materials such as cement, concrete, asbestos, plaster, stucco, paints etc should not come into contact with the finished surfaces, and if they do they should be removed immediately.