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What is Sanlev?

SANLEV SA is an aluminium extrusion industry located in Greece. With a 40 year presence in the sector of aluminium profiles , we are one of the most credible and qualified companies that strives to best serve all customers' needs.

Which are Sanlev products?

SANLEV SA desings and extrudes aluminium profiles for every application and use. Profiles can be mill finish, powder painted, anodized or fabricated as well (microperforation, punching and other types of fabrication). In addition and far from special profiles, we also have a wide range of stantard profiles. You can have a look at this section!

Where is Sanlev located?

Sanlev is located at Athens of Greece , and more specifically at the area of Aspropyrgos. 

Who are Sanlev┬ clients?

Small and large size companies that use aluminium profiles in their product series. The people of SANLEV SA are the experts in the extrusion of aluminum profiles and can offer solutions to any need of any industry. Installers and companies that use PV panel mounting systems are also at our clients' list.

Can anyone buy aluminium profiles from SANLEV SA?

Of course, provided the quantity that he wants is over 300 kgs for each profile individually. This is a quantity that is the minimum for each production. 

What certifications does SANLEV SA possess?

SANLEV SA is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN15088, 18000 and with the latest version of QUALICOAT SEASIDE CLASS for chrome-free powder paint.

Do the aluminium profiles produced by SANLEV SA have the CE mark?

SANLEV SA is certified with EN 15088 and is also certified for the CE mark on produced profiles.

How do I start the design of a new aluminium profile?

The best way is to be first sure that you need a completely new profile, and then as a start you can visit the'' Profile Design'' and '' Design Process '' at our website (At '' Production Processes '' section). Sending us your detailed inquiry, we can discuss, exchange ideas, and of course arrange a meeting to finalize and proceed to the design of the profiles that you need.

What other services do you offer?

Our goal is to simplify and help you with your final job in the most efficient way. Whether this involves producing your already existing profile or to design a new one, we are always here to assist you and contribute to your final project. We  design your profile and then you can have a first look with a plastic 3D Sample. You can see  by yourself in that way how it works with other profiles, components or materials. We provide high technical advise on this field. In addition, our experienced engineers are able to design a structural study of the entire structure in accordance with the standards EN, using the high specification software that we possess. 

What kind of processing can I have to the surface of my profile?

With our chrome-free powder paint unit, we can paint your profile using more than 400 different colours (GLOSSY, GLOSSY-MAT & SPECIALS). We can also anodize your profiles in over 12 colours and microns, and we can also provide every type of fabrication that you prefer (punching, bending , and others).

How much time will I need for the construction of a die for a new profile?

As long as you have the final design, and based on the kind and the perplexity of profile, we can have a new die after approximately 21 to 25 days. Our team understands that timing is crucial in every business, so, we will work with you to meet your stringent requirements. 

Why should I choose SANLEV SA?

Because we are the experts at our aluminium field. Focusing 100% on your needs, your problem becomes our own problem. You can have a more detailed look at '' Why Choose us '' category of '' Why Sanlev '' section at our website .

How can I calculate how much material I will need?

淖u can initially use the computational application that we have at our frontpage. If you have to do with a standard profile , then the answer is inside our site. If it concerns a more complex profile, then you can describe it based on one of the standard designs and sections. You can combine designs and make a first assessment of weight. If it concerns a very complex and difficult profile, then you can send it to us in dxf or dwg format, including all the desired dimensions. We will then be very glad to help! 

Which alloys are used for your profiles production?

We mainly use alloys of the 6xxx series, in various tempers. You can find the usual alloys we use in the section of alloys. For orders more than 20 tons, there is the ability to use other alloys as well. Just simply ask! 

What kind of packaging can I have?

You can have any type of packaging you wish. We are open to discuss that with you. Our standard packaging is wrapping in crepe paper and satin finish interleaf paper. 4 perimetric woods are also used for security and stability reasons.