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We design and extrude your special aluminium profiles

Feeling 100% confident about your profiles , you can now look after your business growth ! 

Our objective is to resolve your aluminium issues

Our over the years expertise, keeps your aluminium projects problem free!

Being your long-term & high value aluminium partner is our top priority

To build, explore and grow your aluminium future!

掗ur projects are very challenging and demanding.
We can make your Aluminium Parts Trouble Free!

Your own personal Client Service Manager

Your client service manager will instantly help you with any questions and queries throughout every stage of the process.

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Specific easy steps to the final product

We simplify the whole procedure step-by-step, in order to get the most complex parts to you simply and efficiently!

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High quality Certified Aluminum profiles

Precision and quality aluminium is of the utmost importance for your final project. This is our main focus. 

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Fill up the form and we will immediately contact you

Fill up the form and we will immediately contact you

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We want to simplify your final job by doing our job effectively and accurately!

We know you might have encountered several aluminium problems with your final project. You deserve someone who will make your life as easy as possible. We are passionate about our work and our position in the sector and can guarantee you will enjoy your cooperation with us!

Years of experience

Years of experience



Why Choose Us

We simplify your final job by doing our job effectively and accurately

You get high quality profiles.
You get high quality profiles.

The quality of your project depends heavily on the quality of the aluminum parts you use. Given the current low standards of product quality in the sector, aluminum profiles often present issues with quality, such as higher deviation than allowed, insufficiently straight, flatness, twist or wrong angularity and poor surface quality.

Our Job:

Strict Quality Inspection

Well trained technicians at multiple points work with state-of-the-art instruments and digital optical systems (Ascona) to ensure high standards of quality.

Surface Flatness & Brightness

We avoid areas with convexity, concavity, dents, marks burrs, scratches, corrosion, extrusion lines and others.

Powder Paint Quality

Powder coated surface is clean from inclusions, strong in three-dimensional sense and capable of maintaining the gloss for a very long time.

We Have Done it Before

Accurate, precise and quality aluminum profiles have been the main focus of our expertise for many years and are our main priority.

We deliver to you on time.
We deliver to you on time.

Frequent delivery problems may have affected many other areas of your production chain. Poor on-time delivery performance damages a lot of business relationships.

Our Job:

On Time Shipment

Shipments are loaded and dispatched with no delay to arrive on-time & in perfect condition at your premises.

Controlled Production Steps

With our sophisticated software, we keep production under control and inform you about time requirements.

Production Efficiency

The efficiency of our production line helps us meet our internal production deadlines accurately.

Easy Logistics Procedures

Our logistic partners provide all the necessary documents on time, preventing any waste of time and energy!

Our Good Packaging is an asset.
Our Good Packaging is an asset.

Our role does not end when the profile leaves the press. Bad packaging conditions might have forced you to return products damaged in transit.

Our Job:

Safe Delivery Into Your Hands

Your profiles will arrive safe, secure and in 100% perfect condition at your door.

Easy to Open & Unload

With our standard packaging, using crepe paper and perimetric wood, we make it very easy to unpack your products!

Environmentally Thinking

The environment takes precedence. We have designed our packaging to be as eco-friendly and low-cost as possible.

Open to Discuss your Way

We are very open to discuss your packaging preferences including cardboard, boxes, nylon or any other packaging you might prefer!

We are known for our excellent Customer Support.
We are known for our excellent Customer Support.

Having an exceptional product is half the battle of what you expect when you order your aluminium profiles from us. Slow response, poor customer service and lack of proper communication are the primary reasons which make jobs complicated. We are here to support you every step of the way!

Our Job:

We Listen Carefully to You

Listening to everything that you tell us and treating you and your projects with absolute respect is our main philosophy!

We Provide Instant Feedback

Focusing our efforts on understanding and supporting you, we provide quick solutions to help you complete your job!

Your Own Client Service Manager

Your personal client service manager will instantly help you with any questions and queries at every stage throughout the process. Our internal systems allow us to have very quick access to all information.

We Build Together

We believe in building high-value and long-term relationships with our clients. Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years. Our relationships with our clients are very important to us, we are proud of what we have achieved together and our history speaks for itself!

We Provide High Technical Advise for Your Projects.
We Provide High Technical Advise for Your Projects.

Expert technical advice at all levels is what differentiates an aluminum industry expert from others. When facing technical challenges in your projects, extruders often distance themselves from the problem, refusing to engage with the issue either intentionally or due to a lack of knowledge.

Our Job:

Deep Understand of Your Project

Our main role is to understand your project, transforming your initial ideas into a high quality product, ensuring the best solution will be provided!

We Exhange Ideas With You

Ongoing exchange of ideas between our engineers and our clients allows us to provide the optimal final result. Our intention is to contribute to the implementation of your project as effectively as possible.

We Change and Improve

We are passionate about continuous improvement, leaving no stone unturned in the search for the best solutions. At every stage we try to think, improve, change, simplify your job and save you time & money!

We Put You Into The Game

Through 3D samples, you get a very good initial idea of your profiles and compatibility with other components. We also technically guide you about the cooperation, credibility and extrudability of profiles for your project development.

掗u Can trust us.
掗u Can trust us.

Many companies have experienced their systems and drawings being used by others. Drawings or ideas have been stolen, copied and then presented as someone else`s creation. Confidentiality and trust at every level are the keys for any kind of relationship, including the business one.

Our Job:


We place great emphasis on the uniqueness of your aluminum solutions. Your dies, drawings and designs can only and exclusively be accessed by you and not by any third party.

We Keep Our Promises

If we say we`re going to do something, you can expect us to do it!

Honesty & Integrity

We are open and honest about what we do. We would rather make a difference to you than make a quick quid for ourselves.

Our People

We are a human-centric company that invests in the quality of its people. We work collaboratively to ensure that our client will feel part of our family.

We make it Easy.
We make it Easy.

You may have experienced unnecessarily complicated relationships with your providers. Delays in the business process, sample profiles which did not meet the required standards and difficulties at every turn. High quality effective customer relations rely on flawless integration of a complex set of business processes

Our Job:

聯proval of The Drawings

We quickly send you the drawings and tolerances of your requested profiles for your sign-off and approval.

3D Sample

Delivered within 1-2 days, the 3D samples of your profiles provide a good picture of what your product will look like!

Order of The Dies

Around 4-5 weeks after the dies have been ordered, the real aluminium samples will be delivered to your door for a real time check of all aspects!

Full Production

It takes around 4 weeks to load a full truck or a full 40 ft container (around 20 tones). Grouped (groupage) orders have a shorter turnaround.

Lets get started!

Let us make your Aluminium Parts a zero trouble.

Computational Applications

Compare your project between using aluminium and other building materials

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